Past Projects

Year Customer Scope 2014 Tier 1 Operator I&C and Maintenance Wireline equipment 2014 OEM 24/7 Interventions on BICS DWDM equipment 2014 OEM Network maintenance 2014 OEM BASE Site Integration Drive Testing 2013 Tier 1 Operator Radio Area Network Maintenance 2013 Tier 1 Operator Lab support 2013 Tier 1 Operator LTE acceptance reports 2013 Tier 1 Operator LTE indoor sites walk tests, LTE acceptance drive tests 2013 Tier 1 Operator LTE Roll Out pilot Proximus 2013 Tier 1 Operator Network Supervision 2013 OEM LTE Roll Out BASE 2013 Tier 1 Operator LTE Roll Out 2013 Tier 1 Operator 3G Refresh 2013 Tier 1 Operator LTE Sites build and I&C 2013 Enterprise Antwerp subway 2013 Enterprise Brussels airport 2013 OEM Pico and Femto cells installations 2013 OEM Power rectifiers installation 2013 OEM Brussels Expo 2013 OEM 24/7 Interventions on BICS DWDM equipment 2013 OEM 1830 IP Backbone installation 2013 OEM Brussels subway automation - Photonic switches installation 2013 Enterprise PDH Access installations - Post security network 2013 Tier 1 Operator Core Network Optical Routers installation 2013 Tier 1 Operator Core Network installation 2013 Tier 1 Operator RNCs installations 2013 Tier 1 Operator Core Network Racks installation and cabling 2013 Tier 1 Operator Sites adaptations and re-work 2013 Tier 1 Operator U900 roll out/Optimization consulting 2012 Tier 1 Operator Pico and Femto cells performance 2012 Tier 1 Operator Tests A2S9 2012 Tier 1 Operator I&C 2012 Enterprise Brussels subway 2012 OEM Commercial centers, train stations & Misc. 2012 OEM Femto and pico cells trials 2012 OEM Telco operators buildings 2012 OEM Boat indoor coverage - North sea 2012 Tier 1 Operator Microwave Roll Out 2012 Tier 1 Operator Power swap/rectifiers - Night swap without outage 2011 Tier 1 Operator Drive Test LTE 2011 Tier 1 Operator Drive Test LTE 2011 Tier 1 Operator Sites integration 2011 Tier 1 Operator Drive Tests and Post Processing 2011 Tier 1 Operator Aerial tuning 2011 Tier 1 Operator Transmission 2011 Tier 1 Operator I&C

Management Team

Amaury Desgrées du Loû Title: Managing Director Phone: + 32 27 21 59 85 Email: \n JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING


The Belgium market is being driven by the rapid increase of data transfer and the recent introduction of new technologies in the country. Operators are now going through major programs to upgrade their network equipment and software. LCC supports its clients at all levels on various projects, and is consequently involved in network modernizations and optimization projects to implement faster radio and transmission technologies. LCC also participates in keeping Belgium networks, and the services it provides, up and running smoothly through its maintenance programs. The strength of LCC relies on its ability to implement locally the best of breed telecom engineering know-how and processes developed by the company throughout the world. The Belgium market has rapidly recognized this expertise as unique and LCC is a preferred brand when discussions focus on hot topics in the industry such as Network Swaps or implementation of new mobile technologies such as 4G/LTE. LCC customers in Belgium include the leading players of the telecommunications industry and notably leading operators and equipment vendors. LCC also works with major companies looking for safety installations and certifications.