About LCC Netherlands

LCC has been active in the Netherlands since 2002. We are based in Den Bosch and operate nationally to create new networks and optimise existing networks for both wireless (mobile) and wireline (fixed-line) infrastructure. We design, build, install, test, manage, maintain and optimise all types of networks, from copper to fibre optics and from GSM to the latest generation of telecom standards such as LTE and Small Cells. LCC Netherlands is also active in the flexible labour market and supplies (temporary) technical staff to clients in the telecommunication industry. Like the market that we serve, our company is constantly in motion. With our international knowledge and experience and the intention to serve customers from ‘end-to-end’, we have stood out on the market for over 30 years. For the telecommunication networks of today and of tomorrow! Our primary focus is on business-to-business services and on all the owners and suppliers of telecommunication networks. The big names on the telecom market are not the only ones who use our services. Public transport companies, various government agencies, investment firms, data centres and IT companies have also been using our services for years.   Our Wireline Services Our Management and Maintenance Services Design Engineering Work Planning Construction & Installation Management Maintenance Testing & Commissioning Integrated System Management (ISM) Network Operation Center (NOC) Network Maintenance (NMA) 24/7 Our Wireless Services Radio planning Site Acquisitie Site Design Site Construction Equipment Installation Commissioning & Integration Indoor Solutions Drive Testing & Optimalisatie Netwerk audits Special events Flex Force Providers Project directors/managers Safety Coordinators Site Engineers AutoCAD drafters Cost Engineers Work Planners Test Engineers Network Architects Installation / Maintenance technicians


Year Customer Scope 2014 T1 Operator Update Asbuilt Mobile sites 2014 OEM I&C several large enterprise indoor solutions 2014 Public Transport Company Installation of data and wifi networks in public transport vehicles 2013-2018 T1 Operator Installation & Services-activities at Residential premises 2013-2014 OEM Drive testing & Network Optimization VF Network (39/49) 2013-2014 Cable Operator Large I&C order for upgrade POPlocations and datacenters 2013-2014 Governement Upgrade large enterprise fibernetwork 2013-2014 OEM Rollout 4G network and 3G Refresh 2013-2014 T1 Operator Turnkey Rollout Fiber to the Home Network 2013 OEM Rectifier swap for power reduction in POPlocation 2013 Tower Company Operation Services for tower maintenance operations 2013 OEM Swap 2G and 3G equipment & staging equipment 2010-2014 OEM Turnkey swop of the 2G and 3G equipment 2010-2011 Enterprise Migration of DSM inside plant network replacing current infrastructure solutions copper-fiber at DSM several DSM locations in EU 2009-2010 OEM WCDMA Rollout: turnkey rollout including design, engineering, installation, test & commissioning of a  CDMA network 2009-2010 Network Provider Migration of fiber streetcabinets - removal/replacing fiber streetcabinets including cabling, civil work , testing, e.g. 2009-2010 Vendor Design & Engineering Fiber to the Office projects NL -complete design and engineering for Fiber the Office networks (layer 1) 2009 Network Provider Design Fiber to the Home network Vogtland Germany - high level design for layer 1 and 2 + Wimax options for FttH roll-out in Vogtland area Germany 350.000 households. 2008-2009 OEM TF SWOP Project 0turnkey swop of current  TF equipment to new Flexi equipment 2008-2009 Tier 1 Operator C12 safety lines - replacement of existing safety lines at mobile sites by söll-vigo systems 2007-2010 Tier 1 Operator Description: complete turnkey dismantling of 2G and 3G  sites of mobile network. 2006-2007 OEM Design, Engineering, Site acquisition and installation of new 3G Hnetwork 2003-2006 Tier 1 Operator Design, engineering, installation of new microwave links in Telfort network 2005-2006 OEM Upgrade of the  2G equipment mobile network by replacing boards, cabling including test & commissioning.


Since 1993, LCC Netherlands is active on the Dutch (tele-) communication market providing Consultancy Services, Deployment Services and Optimization Services  to the major operators, vendors and (local) governments for as well the Wireless as the Wireline Networks. During the years LCC Netherlands  became one of the rationally chosen partners of almost every operator and vendor in the Netherlands. Offering a high level of quality services performed by high skilled employees, LCC Netherlands met high standards which were recognized and appreciated by her customers. The portfolio of services increased which enables LCC to offer “end to end” solution to her wide spectrum of customers (a.o.KPN, Vodafone, T- Mobile, Ziggo, Tele2, Ericsson, Huawei). LCC today offers the next services; Consultancy Services; Design & Engineering Services; Construction, Installation & Testing Services; ControlServices; Maintenance Services; Optimization Services; Since 2007, LCC Netherlands also started to offer Site & Data Management Services. This service enables us to integrate into the physical part of the network infrastructures and measure and control its value. LCC Netherlands is offering this service to all large telecom & cable operators. LCC Netherlands momentarily can supply both our existing as our future customers with a wide service portfolio which can be offered at various ways.

Management Team

Sandeep Phadke Title: Europe Sales Head Phone: Email: \n JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING Julien Beenakkers Title: Managing Director Phone: +31.73.7501.401 Email: \n JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING Roger Hupperichs Title: Director Operations Phone: +31.73.7501.401 Email: \n JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING Mark Gerritsen Title: Director Operations, Flex Force Phone: +31.73.7501.401 Email: