Past Projects

Year Customer Scope 2011 OEM, Turkey In Building Planning 2011 OEM, Turkey In Building Turn Key 2011 Tier 1 Operator, Turkey 2G 3G Optimization 2011 OEM, Turkey Swap 2010 OEM, Kazakhstan 3G Model Site Verification 2010 OEM, Russia 2G 3G Benchmarking 2010 Mobile Operator, South Africa 2G 3G Benchmarking 2010 Tier 1 Operator, Turkey In Building Planning 2010 Tier 1 Operator, Turkey In Building Turn Key 2010-2011 Mobile Operator, Azerbaijan 2G Benchmarking 2008-2009 Tier 1 Operator, Turkey 3G Benchmarking 2009 Operator, Romania 2G 3G Data Benchmarking 2007-2009 Tier 1 Operator, Turkey Vendor Selection Consultancy 2006-2010 Tier 1 Operator, Turkey 2G 3G Optimization 2006-2009 Tier 1 Operator, Turkey 2G Benchmarking 2000-2005 Tier 1 Operator, Turkey 2G Outdoor Planning


LCC is the largest telecom-consulting firm globally with offices in over 40 countries spread over 5 continents. LCC has been operating in Turkey for the last 14 years working closely with most major operators and OEM vendors. LCC’s in-depth knowledge of the region, local presence and global technical expertise has helped our customers design and deploy the most advanced telecommunication networks in Turkey. LCC offers E2E solutions in Network Rollout Services, Planning & Design, Performance & Optimization, FLM & Managed Services, Energy Management, Fixed, Wireless, Optical and Transport Network for 4G, 3G and 2G technologies. LCC continues to be a trusted partner to our customers when it comes to technical Network Audits, Competitive Benchmarking, Radio, Transport and Core Planning and Optimization for Rollouts and Swaps, BTS/MW Implementation, IBS DAS Deployment, FTTX Deployment, IPTV Deployment and Management Consulting LCC has the largest number of resources for any independent telecom-consulting firm in the META region giving us the unique ability to quickly tap into our experienced resource pool to support our customers in Turkey and Central Asia. LCC brings extensive global experience in end-to-end technical project management (PMO) in an increasingly complex model of multi-vendor mega swaps for network modernization and new technology rollouts. LCC has developed a world class PMO model combining traditional PMO principles with in-depth network architecture knowledge to help our customers roll out their advanced technology faster, cheaper and with minimal customer impact. Utilizing LCC’s global presence and over 31 years of experience with tier one operators & OEM vendors, LCC offers the Turkish market a truly global delivery organization with local presence, knowledge and expertise.

Management Team

Arnaldo Palamidessi Title: MENA Sales Tel: +966 (11) 46 53 626 Email: \n JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING