After working in the North Central Europe for more than 15 years on project by project basis supported from other LCC ountries, LCC created in 2011 a new businessunit called LCC North Central Europe (NCE). From 2 offices in the region ; Oslo and Vienna, LCC manages this region covering: North Europe: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Lithuania, Estonia & Latvia LCC Central & South East Europe: Austria, Switzerland, Czech Rep., Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia &Herz., Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania & Moldova In the region LCC provides with approx. 100 FTE services as Drivetesting,  Radio Network Optimizaton and Radio Transmission Services to Telecommunincation vendors and Operators and is quickly expanding her service portfolio.

Management Team

Marcel Voolstra Title: Sales Director North Central Europe Phone: +31 645 88 4873 Email: \n JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING Marten Eriksson Title: Operations Director North Central Europe Phone: +43 699 15665010 Email: \n JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING

Past Projects

Year Customer Scope 2010-2011 OEM Norway LCC was fullly responsible for meeting the KPI's in a 9000 sites swap for a large Norwegian operator on behalf of a large Chinese OEM. LCC had over 10 drivetest teams on the road and over 15 engineers in our office in Oslo to perform the Radio Network Optimization services. 2009-2010 OEM Austria In a large transmission swap for a multi-country operator in Austria on behalf of a large Scandinavian OEM, LCC was responsible for the end to end tranmission planning, including LOS planning, Microwave planning and Backhaul (SDH / ATM / XWDM) planning. LCC had over 5 LOS on the road, and over 10 engineers in our clients' office.