Past Projects

Customer Service Scope Year Operator Deployment Services 150 2G GSM Sites + Supply 2002-2004 Operator Consulting Radio Design & Architecture of 3000 Sites 2003 Operator Consulting Core Network Design:14 MSCs 2003 Operator Consulting FH Links Supply + Installation 2004 Operator Engineering Sites Audit & Inventory 2007-2008 Operator Consulting Backhauling 2003-2007 Operator Consulting Network Program Management 2003-2007 Operator Deployment Services 1000 Turnkey Sites: 2G/3G Since 2004 Operator Consulting Value Added Services 2006 Operator Consulting 3G Pre Launch Strategy 2007 Operator Deployment Services 2G/3G Sites Since 2007 Operator Radio Optimization Drive Tests 2007 Equipment Vendor Engineering I&C 2008 Equipment Vendor Engineering Network Design 2009 Equipment Vendor Engineering Radio Design 2009 Equipment Vendor Engineering I&C GSM-R Network 2010 Equipment Vendor Engineering I&C Transmission 2010 Equipment Vendor Engineering Design Studies (Tetra Network) 2012 Equipment Vendor Engineering Optical Fiber Network Planification 2013 Equipment Vendor Radio Optimization Drive tests 2013 Equipment Vendor Radio Optimization Drive tests 2014 Equipment Vendor Engineering MSAN 2014 Equipment Vendor Engineering I&C 2014 Equipment Vendor Engineering First Level Maintenance 2014


LCC Algeria is a recognized leader in providing wireless voice and data turn-key services to the telecommunications. Our service offering includes network services, business consulting, and training. LCC has established for the first project in Algeria in 2001, and continues to deliver high quality services to its clients in the country. The Company has worked with all major access technologies (including LTE, WiMAX, HSPA, EV-DO, CDMA, EDGE and GSM) and has participated in the success of some of the largest and most sophisticated wireless systems in the world. Proudly providing the wireless industry with over 30 years of wireless expertise, LCC continues to be the thought leader in advanced wireless engineering services and remains committed to offering innovative solutions, insight into cutting-edge developments and delivering advanced networking services to its clients in Algeria.  

Management Team

Malek Bouteraa Title: Managing Director, Algeria Email: