LCC has designed more than 350 networks worldwide and has had a key role and impact on the field of network engineering. As the industry has changed with the introduction of new technologies and capabilities, LCC has adapted its practices to more efficiently design networks.


LCC has designed more than 350 networks, reaching in excess of 500 million

Network Architecture

The rapid rollouts of new technologies and the considerably higher user volume

Network Thinning

Network thinning, or removing cell sites from a wireless network, helps carriers

Nominal Planning

The ever growing need for higher data speeds for the mobile networks have resulted in new

Detailed Planning

Detailed Planning represents an important project phase after dimensioning and

Data Build / Data Fill

Translation of the radio plan and transmission plan into a network configuration require

Outside Plant (OSP) Network Design

After many years of service with copper access networks, today’s cutting

InBuilding Design Solutions

There are multiple reasons, both technical and commercial, that a mobile operator