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Head Office : Jakarta

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LCC is the largest telecom consulting firm globally with offices in over 40 countries spread over 5 continents. LCC has been operating in the Asia Pacific region for the last 20+ years and has been coordinating strategic and turnkey engagements with key market players in the industry.

LCC offers E2E solutions in the Energy Management, Fixed, Wireless, Optical and Transport Network domains for 4G, 3G and 2G technologies. In addition LCC offers specialized services in helping operators save significant Op-Ex costs through its Energy Management platform real time Remote Energy Management, Hybrid-Solar Energy Green Power, Fuel Monitoring, Optimal Power Usage (grid, battery, genset) and Preventive Health Assessment on cell site batteries.

For densely populated areas LCC offers very unique spectral efficiency and data capacity enhancement solutions around small cells and consumer social media usage.

Utilizing LCC’s global presence and over 30 years of experience with tier one operators & OEM vendors, LCC offers the Indonesian market a truly global delivery organization with local presence leveraging our global experience.