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Regional Headquarters


LCC Services North Central Europe

LCC Northern Europe
IT Fornebu
Martin Lingesvei 25
1364 Fornebu, Oslo
Tel: + 47 210 42 980

LCC Central Europe
G Building
Am Euro Platz2
1120 Vienna
Tel: +43 122 97 201


After working in the North Central Europe for more than 15 years on project by project basis supported from other LCC ountries, LCC created in 2011 a new businessunit called LCC North Central Europe (NCE). From 2 offices in the region ; Oslo and Vienna, LCC manages this region covering:

North Europe: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Lithuania, Estonia & Latvia

LCC Central & South East Europe: Austria, Switzerland, Czech Rep., Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia &Herz., Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania & Moldova

In the region LCC provides with approx. 100 FTE services as Drivetesting, Radio Network Optimizaton and Radio Transmission Services to Telecommunincation vendors and Operators and is quickly expanding her service portfolio.