Throughout the years, LCC has successfully designed and optimized mobile operators’ transport networks through the introduction of new technologies or transport strategies, development of improved economies of scale, and more efficient grooming and dimensioning processes.

Transport and Core Network Engineering Services

LCC is always engineering for the network requirements of tomorrow. As 4G progresses and the demands for backhaul continue, LCC and its team of engineers are at the ready with bridging or backhaul solutions. Our team of experts offers the following transport and core services:

  • Transport Design
    Our transport design services include, traffic analysis, least cost routing, competitive fiber study, alternative technology analysis and database updating.
  • Microwave Design
    Our microwave design services include, preliminary analysis, site and path surveys, final path engineering/link design and frequency selection/FCC licensing.
  • Temporary Microwave Links
    Often the delivery of fiber or leased line services to a cell site can be slow and hamper rollouts or network expansions. LCC offers a temporary microwave solution that can be leased for short periods to enable a site to be brought into service ahead of the scheduled delivery of the fiber or leased line. The product offers: Small footprint; No license requirement operates in the 5.8GHz band; Has 50 Mbps full-duplex net throughput; Ethernet or Up to 16 T1/E1’s.
  • Circuit Provisioning
    The bulk of backhaul solutions are leased-line facilities, and as networks continue to grow, Circuit Provisioning remains a constant burden to cellular carriers. LCC offers circuit provisioning support to fit the customer’s needs, including: Resource augments for BAU requirements; Turnkey solutions for market overlays or unique projects.
  • Outside Plant
    Outside Plant (OSP) Network Design has been expanded to a new horizon to be able to provide FTTx services (including FTTC-fiber to the cell, FTTB fiber to the building, etc). LCC International is aware of the fact that although the main idea is the same, one solution does not fit all circumstances. The key is to be able to provide customizable methods with respect to: business models (budgets etc.); Project and Construction management; local legal conditions (e.g. right of way, permits etc.); local geographical conditions; type of construction (trenching, aerial spans); equipment selection.
  • Core Network Services
    Today’s LTE Networks take advantage of IP centric architectures and platforms. LCC offers support for IP operations and management, as well as network migrations to IP infrastructure, covering all of the following technology areas: Evolved Packet Core; WAN Networking; Next Generation Switching; IMS; WiMAX.
  • Network Optimization Services
    Many carriers have rapidly expanded their networks in response to customer demand and service growth without applying optimal transport design practices. LCC offers market or regional analyses to identify and measure ($) opportunities for network optimization. This service includes: Least cost routing analysis; Dark fiber study; Alternative technology analysis.
  • Network Inventory Services
    With constant network growth and particularly the convergence of disparate networks, carriers often do not have accurate inventories of network assets.