LCC's Consulting Services focus on improving both the economic and technical efficiencies of wireless networks. By leveraging our extensive global wireless experiences of analyzing every type of network possible, LCC offers unshakeable expertise, independent tools, and custom reporting.

Network Audit

In today’s extremely competitive wireless market, it is imperative for an operator to continuously monitor the network performance and quality of service to sustain a leading competitive edge in the market by assuring customer satisfaction. LCC’s technical end to end network audit services help an operator in identifying issues in the network, root cause of all issues and actions required to address those issues. The audit assures that:

  • Functional goals & objectives are met
  • Network resources are safeguarded and optimally utilized
  • Applicable guidelines, regulations and policies are followed
  • Reliable data are obtained and used for forecasting, planning, operating, optimizing, fine tuning and monitoring of mobile network performance.

LCC’s Audit services provides key to wireless carriers with the approach of delivering business intelligence to the top management, maximizing customer satisfaction with the QoE to reduce churn, increase ARPU and increase ROI of CAPEX and OPEX.

With extensive experience in the industry, and having over 2 decades of providing technical network audit services, LCC is the pioneer on Network Audit services. LCC has a unique combination of global expertise and capabilities with local presence and delivery.

LCC is independent from operators, tools vendors or equipment vendors; this gives to LCC’s audit the value of an External and Independent Auditor.

LCC’s end to end technical network audit covers all network areas including RF, BSS, Core, Transmission, IP/MPLS, IN, VAS, NOC/FM and Rollout. Audit is conducted in three phases:

Phase 1 – Data Collection:
Collection of historical and field data from OMC and Benchmarking

Phase 2 – Data Analysis:
An in-depth study of data collected with root cause analysis of problems

Phase 3 – Recommendations:
Preparation of detailed recommendations with concrete action items to improve network performance and implementation roadmap.
Service Benefits:
  • Better network quality
  • Improved customer satisfaction and reduced churn
  • Higher revenue and ARPU
  • Reduced CAPEX and OPEX