LCC's Consulting Services focus on improving both the economic and technical efficiencies of wireless networks. By leveraging our extensive global wireless experiences of analyzing every type of network possible, LCC offers unshakeable expertise, independent tools, and custom reporting.

Performance Audit

Performance audit is one of the primary areas of focus in an overall network audit. This service targets the evaluation of the network based on design goals verses the performance achieved. The dynamic nature of mobile network caused by network expansion, subscriber growth, new service launch & wireless environment creates multiple challenges for the operator to know exactly where the performance of the network stands compared to the design objectives. By collecting large amounts of network data we can evaluate the network quality from an end-user perspective and find out where the network bottlenecks are and where there is potential for network performance improvements.

Service Features

  • Discover the existing and potential loopholes in the network performance over all its elements: Scan for network potential problems through hundreds of audit checking items, perform investigation on those problems and provide improvement suggestions.
  • Forecast the demand for system capacity: Analyze the traffic characteristic and traffic model, geographical distribution of the traffic density, predicts the traffic growth trend and provide the corresponding resource adjustment suggestion.
  • Evaluate the network performance from subscriber perceptions: E2E performance audits helps operator in finding out the root cause for customer complaint, the real network coverage and service quality condition.

Our approach is based on a “Diagnostics, Prognosis and Cure” methodology where we collect information from the network by almost all possible sources, analyze that information and at the end come out with a detailed report which besides covering the results of the entire analysis has a comprehensive section on our recommendations.

Service Benefits

  • Improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn by guaranteeing service availability and reliability as much as possible.
  • Protect and increase revenue by improving service quality and availability, as a result of proactively detecting possible network service degradations.
  • Reduce operating expenses by proactively identifying and fixing performance loopholes and getting the best out of the available network resources.