LCC has designed more than 350 networks worldwide and has had a key role and impact on the field of network engineering. As the industry has changed with the introduction of new technologies and capabilities, LCC has adapted its practices to more efficiently design networks.

Data Build / Data Fill

Translation of the radio plan and transmission plan into a network configuration require Data Build / Data Fill services. These services are also required in case of a network swap, where network configuration parameters need to be translated.LCC has built an extensive knowledge in this area, and has created tools to achieve maximum efficiency.

DataBuild / DataFill activity include compiling the configuration parameters of network elements in order to generate network configuration files be provided to Commissioning and Integration of network elements. This service is intended for both new network deployment and modernization projects where network configuration is needed on a daily basis.

The main objective of the DataBuild / DataFill activity is to allow a seamless transfer of configuration data from the operator and/or planning tool to the configuration tools used for site commissioning and integration.

Databuild / Datafill mainly includes the following activities:

  • RNC initial configuration
  • Node B configuration
  • Daily Neighbor Update
  • Daily Neighbor Audit
  • Load of configuration files in Network Elements