LCC’s Enterprise Mobility Solutions provides operators, and enterprise clients many services to address the skyrocketing mobile data demands. By providing increased capacity with various solutions including Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), data off-loading and mobility services using both licensed radio and unlicensed (Wi-Fi) radio service solutions. In addition, LCC’s Land Mobile Radio Group provides in depth engineering, network, and project management services to support Public Safety and Land Mobile Radio (LMR) solutions.

Land Mobile Radio and Public Safety Services

The need for reliable, ubiquitous, and interoperable communications for Public Safety has

increased dramatically in the last decade. Newer technologies, newer applications, new and revised spectrum availability, and government dictated rebanding /narrowbanding has directly impacted the direction of Public Safety and LMR network migration and evolution. The move to digital communications using industry P25 standards, as well as the mandated move to more spectrum efficient narrow-banded channels is in progress. Legacy systems, from low-band to UHF are still in use, and will be for the foreseeable future. All of these combined have resulted in a need for the development of network migration plans that are backward compatible, while allowing for broader interoperability, incorporation of newer frequency bands, and the latest broadband applications such as video and high speed data. Finding the expertise and experience in these emerging technological areas that are also experienced in the Public Safety industry is a daunting task.

LMR Engineering Services

LCC’s LMR Engineering Team assists with several of the most technologically challenging aspects of networks. We perform services such as: Network Architecture and Design, RF Coverage Predictions; Network Capacity Analyses/Channel Plans, Interoperability Planning; Network Migration Planning, Site Design/Selection/Surveys, Site Audits/R56; Fleet Mapping, and Radio Template Development; and Interference/ Intermodulation (IM/TNRD) Predictions and Mitigation.

Field/Subscriber Services:

LCC’s Systems Technologists provide “boots on the ground” to handle the most time and labor-intensive tasks. We perform services such as: In-Building Site Surveys (DAS & Wi-Fi)Inventory Audits (hardware/software/firmware version); Hardware/Software and Firmware Updates; Subscriber (Mobile/Portable) Retune/Reprogram/Replacement; RF Device Retunes; Multiple manufacturers supported; and Installation and Commissioning of Field Equipment.

800MHz Rebanding and Narrowbanding:

The direction of Public Safety and LMR network migration and evolution has been directly impacted by government mandated rebanding and narrowbanding. LCC’s team of Project Managers, Systems Engineers, and Systems Technologists can assist you with every phase of your project, from proposal development to reconfiguration. We have completed over 400 projects to date, from city government to state-wide projects, and have retuned/reprogrammed over 15,000 subscribers...

RF Coverage Drive/Walk Testing:

LCC’s LMR Engineers and Systems Technologists can provide services to ensure your system is operating “as advertised”. We can develop RF Coverage Acceptance Test Plans (CATP) and conduct live RF coverage drive/walk testing to give you a visual representation of your system’s coverage. Our teams are able to conduct signal strength (RSSI), Bit Error Rate (BER), and Delivered Audio Quality (DAQ) tests to verify the extent and quality of RF Coverage,

Project Management:

Recognizing the critical importance of timely and on-budget project execution LCC has developed a Program/Project Management Group to plan, schedule, track, and execute network designs and implementation. With a client aligned focus, this group effectively and efficiently manages projects from start to finish. Using the latest in industry scheduling tools, and reporting techniques, Project Managers set realistic expectations at project startup and throughout the project. Project governance and communications channels are established and followed through to final acceptance of the project.