LCC has designed more than 350 networks worldwide and has had a key role and impact on the field of network engineering. As the industry has changed with the introduction of new technologies and capabilities, LCC has adapted its practices to more efficiently design networks.

Nominal Planning

The ever growing need for higher data speeds for the mobile networks have resulted in new

technologies being rolled out at a tremendous speed. The rapid rollouts of new technologies with considerably high user volume on the existing technologies has created a demand for additional spectrum and very efficent RAN design.

The new spectrum being auctioned through out the World have brought new players to the Wireless Arena. The need for new Greenfield designs has re-surfaced globally after the industry saw many years of overlay of new technology sites on the existing technology. Be it an overlay design or a greenfield design; the end users want to see a top performing network right from the launch. This asserts the need for an optimized RAN design. That is achieved with efficent network dimensioning and Nominal Planning.

LCC has a complete repository of multiple technologies and their case specific link budgets along with the tools to create the link budget for a particular deployment need. Once the link budget is finalized, LCC engineers run a dimensioning exercise to decide the site counts and nominal locations. With our unmatched propagation model tuning experience our engineers can ensure that the propagation models are tuned (specific to the technology, frequency band and the propagation tool). Based on the tuned models and nominal site locations LCC will generate the Nominal RAN designs. Automated search ring release and candidate evaluation process is needed to get the site locations finalized for the final RAN design.

LCC has an in-depth understanding and experience with multiple technologies. Our R&I group’s versatile dimensioning tools (vendor and technology agnostic) with customized link budget solution ensures that our customers get an accurate Nominal site plan. LCC has experience with all commercially available Propagation and ACP tools. Our tool and vendor agnostic approach ensures that we deliver the optimum designs to our customers in any situation. Our globally proven and unmatched model tuning process ensures that the theoretical design seen on the propagation tool matches with the real life network once implemented and hence delivers the committed service to the end client in a very efficient way.