To maintain advanced networks that ensure profitability, LCC works with partners to provide operations & maintenance solutions that range from network inspection to vendor management. A well maintained network will require less corrective maintenance and will be easier and more reliable to operate.

Outside Plant Maintenance

With a 24/7 service organization LCC provides a complete service and maintenance portfolio

for outside plant networks.

Preventive maintenance:

  • Based on planning for structural maintenance
  • Span and route inspections and inspection of manhole covers
  • Provide measurements related to the services including OTDR, Power Loss, PMD and chromatic Dispersion
  • Updating documentation of the preventive maintenance and minor repairs performed - Management and registration of interests for network operators
  • Atomized taking care of KLIC inquiry and Risk Analysis by providing complete, accurate and up-to-date information (digital and vector-format drawings) regarding the location of cables and pipelines

Corrective maintenance:

  • Based on incident Registration & Classification and SLA contract 24/7 hours
  • Corrective Maintenance activities on site infrastructure facilities (e.g. telecom equipment, climate control, Fire system, Gas detect, UPS) Repair and restoration or reported faults to the outside plant network (incl. civil work, duct/manhole installation, cable installation and splicing and claims management.