To maintain advanced networks that ensure profitability, LCC works with partners to provide operations & maintenance solutions that range from network inspection to vendor management. A well maintained network will require less corrective maintenance and will be easier and more reliable to operate.

Network Management

Network management is a risk-reduction exercise that LCC shares with the operator to mitigate the extra costs incurred by unexpected events, and to reduce the overall operational cost. Operators who work with LCC on network management see great cost savings and business efficiencies, with an immediate 10-20 percent reduction of costs for the first two years, and a long-term reduction of cost in the 20-30 percent range. More importantly, network elements experience less down time (20-30 percent), and there is a significant reduction of number of service orders per network element (20-40 percent). LCC can manage all vendors involved in the network maintenance, freeing operators from dealing with different suppliers. LCC not only provides the highest quality by ensure the fastest delivery. Network management services include core network performance, RAN optimization, QoS and O&M Outsourcing.