Throughout the years, LCC has successfully designed and optimized mobile operators’ transport networks through the introduction of new technologies or transport strategies, development of improved economies of scale, and more efficient grooming and dimensioning processes.

MicroWave Fixed Network Engineering Services

LCC has successfully designed and deployed over 5,000 licensed and unlicensed microwave paths for private and commercial network operators. As a pillar of our end-to-end Transport Engineering practice area, LCC brings field proven experience in providing Turnkey Microwave Services. LCC provides end-to-end microwave engineering services for individual links and for entire markets. Through its extensive experience, LCC has established standard processes that cover the various stages of the link engineering and deployment engagement.

Services Offered:

  • Preliminary Analysis
    LCC will evaluate interconnectivity objectives, capacity requirements, geographical constraints, and reliability criteria to determine frequency range selection and develop a preliminary architecture design.
  • Site and Path Surveys
    LCC will use established processes and forms to evaluate site parameters that impact equipment placement, link budget calculations, construction requirements, tower space availability, and site security. LCC will also prepare a path profile and walk each prospective propagation path to determine link clearance and identify critical points of interest that may affect the link design.
  • Final Path Engineering and Link Design
    LCC will evaluate the findings from the field surveys and compile a final link budget and design package that specifies the frequency channel, design parameters, and Bill of Materials (BOM), among other things.
  • Frequency Selection and FCC Licensing
    If licensed channels are required, then LCC can support the client with the submittal of the Prior Coordination Notice (PCN) and filing the FCC form 601 for license applications.
  • Installation and Commissioning
    LCC will install the antennas, cabling, and radio system and perform standard commissioning and testing procedures before handing over a complete and active link to the client.
  • Tools & Automation
    LCC has invested heavily in tools to automate the design process, improving quality and reducing cost. Among those developed are: Tools to improve site survey accuracy; Use of high resolution clutter data in the planning tool to improve design; Automation of the link design process allowing LCC engineers to quickly evaluate all options; Add-ons to Google Earth that allow you to fly the path of the link and detect any Fresnel zone infringements; Provision of a central data repository that can be used to hold all designs and track progress.

Beyond standard microwave services, LCC can also support any customer’s need for RF measurement services, such as interference analysis and Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) studies.